I had a very old autohelm unit that has steered a few boats for me. It once was submerged in saltwater for 2 days. I took it apart, washed it with fresh water, blew it out with compressor and let it dry a few days. Full recovery.

Anyhow, a tiny plastic gear broke on it before my trip so I replaced it with one from a non-working unit. Everything was good until Molokai when another main drive gear split. I managed to glue it back together but it makes a horrible sound now and I fear it will die completely.

For me the autohelm is essential equipment it steers about 90% of the time and does a better job than I would.

So while I was in Honolulu I had to buy a new one for peace of mind. Expensive , but I could just take the bus to West Marine and pick it up.
Here it is installed

It’s a slightly different shape than the. Old unit so I put a little pad under it to match up with the steering line better.

This is how I connect mine to the steering line.

If you don’t have some sort of self steering for your boat then you should consider it. Your sailing life will be transformed.