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This picture is taken from the infamous Sand Bar in Kaneohe Bay.


It’s a great spot for a shallow water boat like the Paradox. Nice sand and only a couple feet of water. What the picture doesn’t show is the 200 people on assorted craft that come out to enjoy it on the weekend. Quite the spectacle. I would not want to be out here on the fourth.

The trip here from Kaunakakai was long but pleasant enough. I left about 3am for Lono Harbor and had a very slow sail arriving around noon. I ate, slept a few hours and guessed that 5pm would be about right for leaving. The channel crossing couldn’t have been much better. Two or three foot seas and 15 knots of wind for a nice broad reach. My guess for timing was good and I only had to slow down a bit at the end to wait for sunrise. The light only brought drizzle and fog like clouds though. The entry was pretty simple and I was soon anchored and ready to sleep a few hours. When I woke up it was another beautiful sunny day and I was surrounded by rental pontoon boats.

This is a selfie on the slow passage to Lono Harbor. I guess I’m starting to look a bit rough. The hat is fantastic though, that with the sun sleeves and I’m not getting any sunburn.