If you checked a map you would see that it is quite a way from my home port of Hilo. How did I get there? Well, I ran out of excuses and had to leave or forget about it.

I spent the first 36 hours trying to escape the Hamakua Coast. It should be faster than that but it never is for me. I get wind on the nose or no wind plus contrary current which ever way I’m going. Once I got clear of Hamakua the wind started to build a bit as I entered the channel, and build some more, by the time I was on the Maui side of the channel winds were 25 knots. The boat handled great. It surfed a lot of the night running under autopilot while I rested. Very comfortable and dry. I kept reefing the sail down until I had about 20 sqft out, still catching some of the waves.

As I rounded the SW corner of Maui I only had a few miles to my anchorage at Big Beach. Naturally the wind shifted on the nose and nearly died. It took me another 7 hours to finally drop anchor and get some rest. At this point I had been sailing or trying to sail for a bit over 48 hours. I slept the rest of the day away before catching the first breeze out at 7am.

I struggled to keep moving for a few hours then a great 15 knot tail wind blew me almost all the way to Lanai. The last couple of miles were crazy winds, shifting both strength and direction. Finally ending with a half mile of rowing. Arriving just as darkness hit the harbor I managed to find an empty slip and settle in for the night.

This was day 4 and the first time I stepped off the boat since leaving Hilo.