This is one of the experiments I promised myself I would do if I ever had a fresh, unpainted bottom.

I’ve never been real happy with anti-fouling bottom paint. The green slime grows on it so you have to scrub it off and pretty soon you have scrubbed off enough that the barnacles start to grow. Plus the last gallon I bought was $300!

It’s a pretty simple idea. Mix super fine copper powder with epoxy, put on a few thin coats, then use very fine sandpaper to expose some of the copper.

It can’t be any worse than regular expensive bottom paint, but if it just plain doesn’t work I can always paint over it.

I got the powder from Paul at http://www.epoxyproducts.com it runs about $22 a pound, I got 4 pounds which is way more than I needed for my tiny boat.
The hard part is figuring out a recipe to get as much copper as possible without it turning to peanut butter. My first batch ended up too thick and I had to sand it smooth for the next try.
With my epoxy I ended up mixing 4oz resin,1oz hardener and 1/8 cup of copper. I applied that with a roller, quickly, then went back and carefully brushed it smooth.

As you can see in the picture I painted all of the top sides with it. Can always paint over it later.